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MA TESOL (part 1)

I am getting my Masters Degree.

This statement is still slightly hilarious to me as it was never part of my ‘future plan’.  Though, I’m not entirely sure that I ever even had a ‘future plan’…

My undergraduate degree is in Studio Arts–specifically, oil painting.  As I was working on that degree, my family endlessly encouraged me to get a teachers license along with the art degree.  For some reason, unbeknownst my young self, my family did not believe that an art degree would be sufficient in the paying of my future bills and expenses.

With the idealistic stubbornness of a millennial artist, I ignored them.  Art was the passion of my heart and getting a teaching degree along with my art degree would undermine my integrity as an artist.

I graduated university in 2009 and worked as a barista at a local coffee shop, perfectly living out the starving artist persona.

And then I moved to Thailand.

Thailand shock things up for me.  It’s hard to keep up a persona when you can’t work, can’t speak a language and no one even knows what persona you’re trying to present yourself as.  It took me a little while (maybe a long while…) to get my bearings down and figure out what living in Thailand looked like.

About six months into my stay in the Land of Smiles, the school that Caleb was teaching at needed a new first grade English teacher.  I knew of the need and heard the concern, but not once (let me stress, not even one time,) did it enter into my mind that I could be the solution to the need.

One morning, as I was on my way to Thai class, I very clearly heard the Lord say:

“It’s time for you to consider your role at the School of Promise.”

This was so out of the blue and so far from my concerns that I just kind of brushed it off and didn’t give it any further thought.

That evening, as our family was eating dinner together, Caleb looked at me and asked, “Samara, would you consider being the first grade English teacher at School of Promise next year?”

Well, that through me for a loop.

As a team we had never talked about me teaching. My lack of experience/training/desire was clear.  Under normal circumstances I would have said “no” without even blinking an eye–but my morning walk flashed back into my psyche and the word consider seemed specific…

So, I considered it.  And, eventually, despite myself, I said, ‘yes’.

Turns out I kind of loved being a teacher.  I enjoyed being in the classroom.  I enjoyed investing in those kids–getting to know their personalities and planning activities to not only develop their English abilities, but to also develop their cognitive and social skills.  And, on top of it all, I was given the opportunity to introduce my classroom to the Wonderful Nature of the Good, Good Father.

I worked as the first grade teacher at School of Promise for two years until difficult circumstances made it clear that my time was up.  While the decision was evident, the choice was difficult.  Leaving the school meant leaving the kids I had been investing in and the role of teacher that I had grown to love.

But, of course, as one door shuts another one opens and this was most definitely the case for me.

In Thailand, you have a two year grace period in which you can work as an English teacher without a teaching license.  In my second year of teaching I went through the process of getting my Thai teaching license, but after lots of dollars spent and days wasted, I was declined the license due to my degree being in Art. Many foreigners avoid this predicament by switching schools every two years and thusly restarting their grace period, but this was not appealing to me.  My desire is to be rooted in one place and build relationships–not to move around and start over every two years.

This is where the opportunity to get my Masters Degree presented itself.  Caleb, being the wizard of the internet that he is, found a program at a Thai University offering an MA in TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) that is accredited in the US and from start to finish would cost around $5000.

Through a process of praying and communication with friends and mentors, I decided to go through the application process and was quickly accepted into the program.

So, here I am–11 years after beginning my bachelors degree in Art, I have come full circle and am finally taking my family’s advice and getting a teaching degree… like a practical adult.




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Sunshine Studios

I have been having issues with this blog lately.  I just wrote this beautiful blog all about Sunshine Studios and intentionally saved it… only for it to disappear completely.

This happened to me twice while writing the loofah blog.

But I will persevere and you will hear about Sunshine Studios.


I finished up the summer classes on Friday and so I figure there is no better time than right now for me to answer some basic questions about Sunshine Studios.



The summer classes were open to anyone who was interested in learning art.  Most of my students were kids from the School of Promise, but I did have other neighborhood kids that I had never met before come as well.

Once school starts up I am going to have three different classes for different age groups.  I am assuming that it will again be mostly students from the School of Promise, but would be really excited if there were other students as well.

Currently I am the only art teacher, but it is possible that in the future there would be a few Thai artists holding classes there as well.



Good question.

Sunshine Studios is a place where kids from the community can come and learn about different genres of art, different artists from around the world and use different medias to create their own pieces of art.



The current location of Sunshine Studios is actually right behind my house.  I can literally walk there in about a minute and a half and the walk from School of Promise to Sunshine Studios isn’t much longer than that.

The space is pretty limited and it is possible that we will change locations in the future, but for now the closeness to home is wonderful.



Summer classes just ended and starting June 2nd I will hold after school classes every Monday-Wednesday.  My idea is to have parents register their kids for 4 classes (a month) at a time so that we can work on longer projects and perhaps even have a little art show at the end of the term.



Well, first of all I’ve always wanted a little space to do art.

Secondly, after I got over my stubbornness of thinking that I would never want to teach art, I quickly learnt that I quite enjoy teaching art to children.

I love self expression.  I love art history and how certain pieces of art have literally shaped how we see the world.  I love independent thinking and the theropy in creating something of your own with your hands.

I love creating an environment where freedom of thought and creativity flow.

Sunshine Studios is the merging of my desire to have my own place to create art and my thorough enjoyment of teaching little kiddos how to tap into their own creativity.



Well, through a lot of help from you all.  Be it through cash donations or gifting the studio with art supplies, Sunshine Studios has been very blessed by you all at home.

Holy Spirit seems to be at play in this whole endeavor and so the how question doesn’t really come up too much.




There you have it.  A brief introduction to Sunshine Studios.

If any of you has a more specific question please let me know–either in email or in the comments section of the blog–and I will answer you as best as I can.

ALSO!  If any of you has an idea for an art project I would love to teach it and then post pictures for you.  Share share share your ideas with me!


To close things off, here are some pictures from last weeks classes.  We learned about Folk Art all week long and did four different projects exploring different aspects of that type of art.



























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