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Portrait of a Four

Over the past six months my team and I have gotten really into exploring the aspects of the Enneagram.

Don’t know it? Click here for a quick guide and to take the test.

Well, turns out… I’m a four.

The Romantic Individualist.

Fours are known for their highly creative minds and their need to be known as unique.  As well as being sensitive, dramatic and withdrawn.  …and maybe a bit temperamental and self absorbed….

At first, finding out I was a four really annoyed me.  I labelled fours as the ‘worst type’–and later found out was a very ‘four-like’ thing to do. But, the more I have (causally) studied the enneagram and the more I have learned about fours, the more I see the benefit of having my secret inner world exposed.

Because, as much as I think I’m an incredibly unique individual that can’t be put into any box, I am pretty much the poster child for ‘type fours’.

four .jpg 41.jpg 42.jpg

The more I learn, the more I am able to conquer my own inner demons and understand that I am pre-dispositioned to believe certain lies… but that that is what they are… LIES.

Anyway, I could go on and on and on about this.

I highly recommend finding out your ‘type’ and doing some reading or listening, (there are plenty of podcasts on the topic,) to learn about your type.  If you want input on what to read or what to listen to, let me know. I have suggestions.

ANYWAY… on to what inspired this blog.

Today, as I was I driving to campus, John Lennon’s song “Look at Me” came on my shuffle and I had to chuckle to myself. That song should be the ‘type four’ theme song.  It basically sums up our internal/eternal struggle of “pay attention to me!” and “am I special?”

So I wanted to share it with you all.

Enjoy hearing the heart-cry of a four.


Also, after a quick and very official google search, I have found that while Johnny boy wrote like a four, he was in fact more likely a six.



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