mini mini update

hi friends.

I just got an email from WordPress telling me that my domain has been renewed for another year (at the cost of $18…) and felt a little guilty for how crap I have been about writing and posting.

There are, however, at least three blogs spinning around in my head.  Usually when that happens, they come out as masterpieces, one after the other, so hopefully that will be the case.

I want to say a big thank you to all who came to the Resilient art show, read my poems and bought Cha’s hearts.  It was an incredibly vulnerable experience to have my poems hanging on the wall like that… for all to see.  I joked that it was the ‘Airing of Samara’s Dirty Laundry’ show.  I had a lot of anxiety about opening myself up like that, but was met with nothing but praise.

The plan is to translate the poems, add a couple more from Greece that I didn’t show and publish the collection.  I am guessing this project will take about a year or so, but I will keep you all updated.

Since the poems have been packed up I have been struggling with a little depression.  As I deal with depression on a regular basis, I know that this is a minor one and I will recover quickly.  I have been mourning the process of that show being finished.  I spent so much time writing, editing, crying and displaying those poems that it’s left me feeling a little empty and lonely now that the show is all done.

However, feelings are fleeting.  I am allowing myself to feel the feelings while trying not to allow them to master me.  Growth.

Today as I sat down to start writing curriculum, I opened my journal and found a couple poems that helped inspire the Resilient show.  They are all by Rupi Kaur, whom, if you haven’t read, is an amazing poet and really encouraged me in facing the fears of vulnerability.  So I have decided to share three of the poems that sparked my writing in Greece.  I hope you get as much out of them as I did.

your art

is not about how many people

like your work

your art

is about 

if your heart likes your work

if your soul likes your work 

it’s about how honest 

you are with yourself

and you 

must never trade honesty

for relatability

-Rupi Kaur

they have no idea what it is like

to lose home at the risk of

never finding home again

to have your entire life

split between two lands and 

become the bridge between two countries


-Rupi Kaur

my god

is not waiting inside a church

or sitting above the temple’s steps

my god

is the refugee’s breathe as she’s running

is living in the starving child’s belly

is the heartbeat of the protest

my god

does not rest between pages

written by holy men

my god

lives between sweaty thighs

of women’s bodies sold for money

was last seen washing a homeless man’s feet

my god 

is not as unreachable as 

they’d like you to think

my god is beating inside us infinitely

-Rupi Kaur



until I write again



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3 responses to “mini mini update

  1. Jo Grotelueschen

    Oh my, Samara. I’m sorry I didn’t get to attend your art show; Julie said it was amazing. So proud of you! And thank you for this writing. Love your transparent, honest, vulnerable heart. And the poems. My goodness. Especially the ‘my God.’ I’m sitting in my car in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, weeping. That’s exactly where our God is. Everywhere. Love you! 😘

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

    • samara marie

      Thank you! Yea, the ‘my god’ poem really moved me. I have all the poems, so you can read them some time if you want 😉

  2. Sharon Harroun

    Samara, would you send me your poems?

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