“Spider Bite” a poem.

I am going to die.

This is the end.

I got bit by a spider–

the pain, I cannot comprehend.


He bit my leg,

then out he came.

full of my blood–

leaving me lame.


Yes, he was pretty small,

but he’s poisonous I’m sure.

His butt was white, round and bulbous–

certainly there is no cure.


I’ve checked the internet already.

Thailand: Land of Poisonous Spiders Galore!

So, as I rest my head and die tonight–

know that I love you, forever more.



**based on real real events**



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2 responses to ““Spider Bite” a poem.

  1. gramma Sharon

    I hate spiders!

  2. Angel Murtaugh

    Call me!

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