So This Happened.

Scan 1

Scan 2

Scan 3

Scan 4

Scan 5

I ended up having to ask some of my drunk college student neighbors to help me get her off the awning. This resulted in seven dudes climbing on each others shoulders to try to reach her while Dtula was having a literal panic attack and was trying to jump back into the window.

In the end, my neighbor dudes were able to rescue her and I took her back upstairs to our room and let her hide and calm down.

We haven’t experimented with drugs since.



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4 responses to “So This Happened.

  1. ramma Sharon

    oh my …. laughed & loved ,,, better than good drawing too!

  2. gramma Sharon

    Gandpa commented, “Samara should be a cartoonist – this is as good as any professional we have seen.”

  3. gramma Sharon

    most people may not connect the fact that cat-nip for a cat is equivalent to people using ‘recreational

  4. haha.
    your pictures are great!

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