A Third Valentines Treat

It seems that I may just keep this Valentines theme going until next Valentines Day.

I started leading a ‘creative writing’ workshop at CMU today.  I promised the class that I would do all of the exercises and activities alongside them in hopes of getting my own creative writing juices flowing again. Two years of writing one [very dry and dull] paper has  seemed to destroy the sparks of creativity that once flowed so nicely out of my pores.

Anyway, today we wrote a sonnet and while mine is by no means amazing, I decided to post it.

So once again,


“Unrequited Love” by Me 🙂

Hair the color of a summer fruit,

Eyes like the sea, so clear, so blue.

He fights my enemies like a brute,

He dances, in a way, so honest, so true.

He speaks the language of many peoples–

Making jokes that touch even the hardest soul,

With a smile so wide there are no equals.

We talk for hours without a lull,

Our connection is one that’s hard to find.

A friendship with potential of something more,

Though he has set an answer in his mind–

Romantic love belongs only in folklore.

So while I lay and think of he,

I know, of course, this will never be.










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2 responses to “A Third Valentines Treat

  1. Sharon and Ralph Harroun

    my big excitement is

    made it through the night & prayers would be good [😊]

    we have a new bathtub in the upstairs (doing a reno)

    bathroom … & new floors … no walls

    no toilet or any of that stuff. I hear Grampie

    & Rob laughing down in the garage. They are

    working on putting some drywall up today.

    These little things are what makes my day better.

    Your story is one of the good things that make me happy

    & the hash tags

    are getting better & better.

    love u as big as the sky is big


  2. I’m sure your creative juice will come back in no time.
    your writing is consistently good on here:)

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