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Back in October a long-term friend/mentor of Caleb, Scott McClelland, came to visit us in Thailand.  Scott was a sunshiny ray of positivity and encouragement towards our team and such a refreshing person to have around. (Thanks again Scott for speaking such value over our team!  You’re a pretty stellar dude!)

Scott has a blog and a podcast that he regularly updates (unlike the author of this blog….oops…) and while he was visiting us he was diligently recording us to glean our wisdom for his readers/listeners.

Flash forward to today, I was googling myself to see what comes up working really hard at my new job at Chiang Mai University  when I came across Scott’s blog about me and one of the little podcasts that I recorded.

So, I’ve decided to share those here, for you.

The Blog:

This blog is a follow-up blog to a blog that he had written about my experience on the World Race five years prior.  The blog is pretty in depth and gives you a good idea of what my life looks like here–at least what it looked like in October, as much has changed since then.  At the end of the post there is a link to the recording of the actual interview.  The blog summarizes the interview, so if you would rather just listen our conversation, you can skip the read and click the audio.  Or do both.

The podcast:

This is a nice, short listen about being a single woman in leadership.




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3 responses to “FX Missions

  1. That blog was a really good read. Thank you for sharing your interview with Scott.
    Currently, I’m about to listen to the podcast.
    Happy Sunday:)

  2. fxmissions

    Reblogged this on Foundational Missions and commented:
    Samara has a blog! Check it out!

  3. fxmissions

    Thanks for your kind words Samara!

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