Love Trumps Hate

I have a confession to make: I didn’t vote.

I know. I know. This is like the worst thing you can (not) do as an American citizen. It’s very irresponsible of me and according to Science Mike I deserve a pin stuck deep into my skin. :/ Oops.

I have a further confession to make… If I would have voted, I would have voted 3rd party. Which, in some people’s […Science Mike’s…] mind is almost as bad as not voting at all.

One last confession to make. This one, dear readers, is the most sinful* of them all: If I were forced to vote Trump or Clinton… I would have voted Clinton. (And here is where some readers *gasp*, while the others mumble *duh*.)

*Who you do/do not vote for is not/cannot be made a sin issue. It has nothing to do with sin and everything to do with conviction and preference. Lets stop making opinions a sin.

I hate politics.

I hate following the debates. I hate listening to the politicians. And I hate pretending to believe that anything being said is genuine or integral. I hate the idea of putting my hope in any one candidate.

But, despite my distaste for politics and my being located on the complete opposite side of the world, I was unable to completely escape the 2016 election. With every article I read and every podcast I listened to my heart was more and more saddened by the state of our nation.

I was watching the Thai news in a friends’  coffee shop when the election results were announced. I shed a few tears as the news began to sink in.

I was in shock. As the shock continued to materialize it changed forms. Disbelief became embarrassment and embarrassment became fear.  The fear started taking over and my imagination began to go rampant… until I called into remembrance who my hope is in. My hope is not in Trump nor was it ever in Hilary, my hope is in my God.

How faithful my God is.  As soon as I remembered who He is and focused my thoughts onto Him, my heart began to be at peace. I began to pray for Trump: for his heart, for him to encounter God, to meet Holy Spirit. As I started speaking blessings over Trump (as opposed to the insults I had slewed onto him for the last months…years..) my heart began to feel God’s love for him.

Unfortunately, it seems that this is not where America has rested. Not being on Facebook has shielded me from much of the nastiness going around, but not completely. I still read the articles and listen to the podcasts. And my heart breaks over and over again.

However, what has been the most heartbreaking about this election and the aftermath is the divisiveness and hatred seeping out of the church.

In a time where the world is so confused and scared the church has a golden opportunity to shine. An opportunity to comfort the brokenhearted and heal the hurt. How can we do this if we are too busy hurting and hating each other?

“If you bite and devour each other, watch out or you will be destroyed by one another.” Galatians 5:15.

Church, this is our time. This is our time to shine the light and love of Jesus. This is our time to quite literally trump hate with love. Let us show the world where are our hope lies–not in our president elect, but in our Faithful Father.

*My pastor in Omaha addressed this very issue last Sunday. He goes more in depth and is a bit more articulate than I am, so it’s worth a listen. You can listen to the sermon here.



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2 responses to “Love Trumps Hate

  1. Great thoughts. We need to turn our focus upward and remember our true Hope.

    The past few months have been a great time for you to not be on Facebook. Honestly, I probably wouldn’t have voted if there hadn’t been a referendum on the Nebraska ballot to retain the ban on the death penalty (which, unfortunately, didn’t pass, so the death penalty is now legal again). I don’t know if the ballots you receive overseas allow you to vote on state issues like that or just for President. I wrote in Jesus for President… it’s a vote I didn’t have to question.

    And I’m glad you’re a fan of Science Mike. He provides some good information on issues.

  2. so i can relate to your confessions.
    all of them.
    thank you for your words and sharing the sermon, i’m looking forward to listening to it

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