the suffering missionary.

There are some groups of people that subscribe to the notion of the ‘suffering missionary’.  You know, the idea that being called overseas as a missionary is a death to your former life of joy and pleasure and a birthing of a life of misery and woe.  This ideology is held by missionaries and laymen alike.

I think the thought pattern is all somehow tangled up in support raising:  If you’re not suffering, then you’re not being used for the purposes of the gospel.. and so you can’t get any money and then you can’t eat… so now you are suffering…and so on…and so forth…

Maybe I’m wrong. Regardless. It should be no surprise, I do not subscribe to this notion.

But today, I am writing to tell you all that I am SUFFERING.



I have this increasingly intolerable struggle with microscopic red ants.

The freaking things have decided that their new favorite place to live is inside my towel.  So this evening, after an impromptu and uncharacteristic evening shower, I wrapped my vulnerable, wet body into my nice, dry towel and was immediately molested by thousands of the little suckers.

They just go right for it.  I literally just picked 15 of their itty bitty bodies off of my body and am now full of red itchy welts.

WHAT’S MORE is, as I was transcribing this blog in my head and lathering myself with anti-inflammatory/anti-itch cream, I felt a tickle on my foot… I look down there was a HUGE freaking COCKROACH on it.  To which I reacted to by smashing its body several times with my journal. I didn’t even scream. This has become common place.

The struggle is real.

In conclusion, I am suffering, so please send me all of your money.

Thank you.


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12 responses to “the suffering missionary.

  1. Paul

    You should use this as your next support letter.

  2. haha. you are a good writer.
    i’m sorry to hear about the red ants, especially you being molested about them, that’s really not an ideal situation – not in any way.
    i totally understand the cockroach being common place – i’ve done the same thing (actually i’ve helped kicked them out of the house:)

    • samara marie

      thank you Bethany. I like writing, so I’m glad you appreciate my style 🙂 hugs hugs hugs

  3. gramma Sharon

    about the microscopic red ants on your blog – towel into a plastic bag, keep it in one & kill the suckers… so awful, sorry about the bugs & u there… the ‘in conclusion send me all your money’ was so funny honey … in Florida there are bugs called ‘no see-ums’ that was there real name .. I did not make that name up … u could go into the quick shop & there is ‘no see-um lotion for after bite relief …intolerable bites … prayers

    • samara marie

      today before my morning shower I was sure to shake and beat my towel until nothing could live on it. I’ve heard of no see-ums. no fun-ums.

  4. Angel Murtaugh

    Ha ha ha You so Funny!
    Well I don’t ever want you to suffer. I am praying against those stupid
    I can see you illustrating this blog…

    I will send you my money, your worth it!!!!!!!

  5. Love you:) ha, your writing is..yes!

    Sent from my iPhone


  6. adkonz


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