MA TESOL (part 2)

I started the MA TESOL program at Payap University in the fall of 2015.  My first semester is competed and I am gearing up to begin the second semester of classes.

Going from teaching and hanging out with Thai people all day to being a full time student in an international program where I speak English all day was a hard transition for me.  The amount of homework was more than I expected and my normal, social personality was traded in for a focused, much more introverted version of myself.  But, I handled the transition and finished the first semester with a 4.0.  (Yes, I’m bragging.)

The semester wasn’t without its bumps and chaos and the school work sucked out most of my time and energy (thus the lack of blogs…) but now, after a full month off, I am refreshed and excited to start the second semester.

God, being the Good Daddy that he is–knew that in order for me survive the intensity of the semester, I would need to be surrounded by a memorable cast of characters to go through it with.  I mean, it wouldn’t be my life if it didn’t somehow resemble a sitcom…

There are 13 people in my program, representing eight countries, and in honor of the new semester, I want to introduce you to a few of my favorite characters (using the nicknames I gave them the first week of class before I knew their real names…).

 1. Holy Spirit Woman

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.37.39 PM

Holy Spirit Woman is the classmate that I respect the most.  She is from Burma, married an American, has two young children, is the head of a ministry that works with Burmese refugees, this is her second Masters Degree AND she somehow is able to balance all the demands of her life as well as get (most) of her assignments turned in on time.

She’s amazing and inspiring.

2. GQ Man

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.40.34 PM

As his nickname suggests, this young man is quite the looker.  As a young, single woman, the first week of class, I took an inventory of my male classmates.  GQ Man cannot go unnoticed.  Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my personality is not attracted to the overly beautiful and so GQ Man’s perfectly quaffed hair did not distract me long.  Though I can not deny that he is very “easy on the eyes”. 🙂

3. Magic Man

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.44.14 PM

Ha!  Where do I even begin.

Magic Man is from Iran and has some of the biggest arm muscles I have ever seen in my life.  These massive muscles of his are well complimented with his incredibly insecure man personality… mix these two features together and you get quite the combination.

Magic Man is on the prowl.  He’s looking for love. He’s very interested in Thai women, however, can not speak Thai.  Over the course of the semester I was commissioned to interview potential dates, set up rendezvous times and was even asked to accompany him on a date as a translator (which I had to turn down–much to my disappointment).

Oh!  AND Magic Man is a magician whose card tricks blew me away class after class.

4. Laser Eyes

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.49.36 PM

Unfortunately, this classmate got his nickname due to the fact that every time he opened his mouth, the entire class glared at him with laser eyes of death.  So… you can pray for me with this one.

5. Ellen Degeneres

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.51.33 PM

Ellen is effortlessly cool.  She and her husband moved to Thailand and have built for themselves a personal retreat center at which she throws extravagant parties and invites any and everyone she knows.

At one such party, I noticed she had a wall full of ceramic Dutch row houses–as neither her, nor her husband originate form Holland, I was confused and asked for the story behind them.  She responded with, “They are the free gift we receive whenever we fly KLM Business Class.”  There were over 50 houses…

6. The Brit and 7. The Romanian

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 2.55.31 PMThis dating duo are the only other Westerns in the program.  The Brit never (ever) shows up to class and the Romanian never sleeps before coming to class.  These two are the “cool cats” of the program with their outspoken personalities and aloof attitudes.

There are a couple other people in the program, but these are the ones that I come home with stories about most often.

As the second semester is quickly approaching, my goal is to better balance my school work with other aspects of my life–which includes this blog.  Sooooooo, hopefully I will do a better job bringing you all into the sitcom that I call my Masters Program.




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4 responses to “MA TESOL (part 2)

  1. Sounds like a rough transition to the master’s program but I’m glad you met some interesting peeps. Magic Man (hopefully not Magic Mike…) reminds me of a couple of guys that I’ve met. Specifically, some of his characteristics remind me of a former roommate of mine who was not from the USA but moved here to start a church. He worked just enough part-time hours to keep the bills paid and spent a good amount of time working out and staying quite fit. He was really into sports, boxing, running, push-ups, etc. At times he expressed interest in some women but I don’t think anything ever worked out. He was quite bold and outgoing but a bit lacking in empathy. Anyway, I’m not trying to paint a picture of him as a bad guy. He was quite bolder in sharing the gospel than I’ll probably ever be. But Magic Man reminded me a bit of him. My roommate, unfortunately, didn’t perform magic tricks. That would’ve been great. I really wish you would’ve been able to accompany Magic Man on dates as a translator. That seriously would put you in a powerful position. You could tell the different parties on the date that the other person said something different from what they really said (not that I’m encouraging you to do this…). On a more serious note, it seems insane to me that a guy would want to date a girl he couldn’t even talk to. How in the world is that relationship supposed to work?

    I’m a bit confused by the written description of Laser Eyes. At first I felt bad for the guy because no one was letting him contribute to the conversation, but your illustration seems to indicate that he was talking too much. And, if this was the case, I’m guessing he was talking about things unrelated to class topics. Anyway, sounds like an interesting group of people.

    • samara marie

      haha. no need feel bad for laser eyes. he most definitely contributed in class… whether or not what he was contributing had anything to do with what we were discussing…that’s another issue. 🙂

  2. this is hilarious
    I enjoy reading your perspective on things and I’m sure your stories after a day spent at school are even better – but don’t think I’m discounting the hard work or transition you had to go through:)
    love you

  3. this creates a sadistic daydream in my mind, of the Romanian trapped in a situation with only laser eyes for a companion for a 3 week period… something akin to survivor.

    Oh, and also, that I (heart) you so much.

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