Little Blessings Amid Big Chaos

God is funny.

Not really in the haha sense, but rather the “I am God and have everything under control and you may worry and freak out, but I’m going to be steady and provide for you in ridiculous ways” sort of way.


My mom’s sick.

She’s been sick for awhile and it’s been a long process of praying about whether or not I need to come be with her in America.  I would land on not coming and have peace in that decision, then she would get a little better and then she would get worse, and I would re-start the process.

Sunday I got the “you need to come home now” email.

I was on a flight that evening. It felt like a whirlwind.  Getting the tickets, getting packed, making phone calls and writing emails.  I don’t like whirlwinds.


I’m currently sitting in the LAX airport.

This place is so busy.  Sooo many people.  So many faces, colors, body types… and everyone, everyone, speaks English.  I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.  I’m not so eagerly anticipating the sub freezing weather that is going to welcome me home in just a few more hours.


Amid my whirlwind and my weird emotional state, God has been funny.

For one, He (through my precious friend Julie) has collected a supply of winter clothes for me to wear while I’m in town.  About six different ladies, two of whom I’ve never met, have given my friend Julie their clothes for me to borrow–from boots to coats to gloves to sweatpants… everything I need, and more.

God will keep me warm.

Saturday, before I knew I would be hopping on a plane, a missionary couple gave me 7000baht for babysitting their granddaughter for a week.  (That’s roughly $325…)

God will take care of my finances.

After I had already purchased my tickets, my mom went into her emergency surgery.  The surgery was successful and she came out strong.  I knew this before I got on the plane.

God will take care of my mom. God will take care of my emotional state.

And finally, on my flight from Korea to LA, the man I was sitting next to spent hours asking me questions about my life.  I shared my testimony with him and about how Jesus changed my life, I shared the journey God took me on to get me to Thailand, I talked about my mom and about my birth dad…he asked me so many questions and was thoroughly engaged.

At the end of our conversation he told me that when he was my age he wanted to be a missionary as well.  He said he was close to God at that point in his life, but that the world distracted him and he was never brave enough to actually give up his life in the world and go overseas.

He is now a successful business man, but is not walking with the Lord. His name is Joshua.

Before I left my friend sent me a couple verses from Joshua chapter 1 about how God will never leave or forsake us.  I pulled those verses out and wrote them down for him, encouraging him that it’s not too late.  He let me lay hands on him and pray for him and he experienced Father’s love.

God will use every situation that I give him permission to touch. God will prepare me with the right words.

Finally, as our conversation was drawing to an end Joshua handed me $300.  He said that he didn’t obey God and become a missionary, but he is a successful business man and so He can begin to serve God by giving.

He insisted, so I received.

God will provide for all my needs and not only that, but, God wants to bless me.


So here I am, waiting in busy, busy LA for my final flights to freezing, freezing Omaha to be with my mom as she recovers in the ICU, but I am able to sit here in peace. God is funny. And He really does have everything under control. He is my solid ground, even amid whirlwind craziness. He really does just love me.


“…so I will be with you.  I will not leave you, nor forsake you.”  Joshua 1:5

Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and be of good courage.  Do not be afraid or nor be dismayed.  For the Lord, your God, is with you wherever you go.”  Joshua 1:9


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2 responses to “Little Blessings Amid Big Chaos

  1. i often have similar thoughts about God being funny:)
    this was really good to read, thank you for sharing.
    praying for your mom and you.
    God is all of the above.
    And He is good and He is faithful.
    He’s got this.
    love you

  2. Wow! You’re story is so encouraging, and so timely for me. My life doesn’t have the chaos that yours does right now, but I have found myself in the midst of a season that I worry and fret about God taking care of my little family. Thank you for the reminder that He will 🙂 Praying that your time here is good…even if it is freezing cold 🙂

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