Conversation With a Nine Year Old

9 year old:   So, how old are you anyway?

Miss Samara:  How old do you think I am?

9 year old:  hmm…15.

Miss Samara:  Close.

9 year old: So, like, did you do college?

Miss Samara:  Yep, I did college.  Did you?

9 year old: Seriously?

Miss Samara: Yea?

9 year old:  I think you’re just silly.


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One response to “Conversation With a Nine Year Old

  1. this is pretty great!
    so was the Geshem or was this exchange in Thai?
    I had a nine year old come in to the coffee shop today and ask how old you had to be to get a job, then ask his dad if he could get the cup of whip cream…oh to be young and innocent:)

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