7 Reasons to Quit Facebook


Turns out I’m not the only on who thinks getting rid of Facebook is a good idea.

I realize that Buzzfeed is like the Wikipedia of news and entertainment–but, it’s an interesting little watch.  And a nice addendum to my Facebook blog.




25/07/2014 · 23:33

6 responses to “7 Reasons to Quit Facebook

  1. Paul

    Those statements CAN be true but they are not ALWAYS true of Facebook users. Facebook is like a lot of things in life, you need to use it in moderation. You need to control it and not let it control you. I dislike it when people (like the people who made this video, not you personally) take a polarized “excess or nothing” view of issues. People could make similar arguments about Netflix, video games, movies, alcohol, Twitter, or other things. Notice the video isn’t about Buzzfeed. Notice the video asks you subscribe at the end so you can watch other videos about social media. 😛

    • samara marie

      Haha, yes, you are right. Not everyone has these addiction problems–but maybe this video SHOULD be about NetFlix, BuzzFeed, alcohol, etc. I think it’s good for people to take an honest look at how they are spending their time and what it is that is controlling their thoughts and mind. It’s much easier to not think about it and get caught up in the cyber world and forget about living in the real world.

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    • samara marie

      But the thing that is is unique to Facebook that the other things you listed don’t have is that comparison factor. I know it’s been true in my life and I believe that it’s at play in a lot of other people’s loves as well.

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  2. Paul

    That is true.

  3. I’m currently 6 months sober from Facebook… And I relate to ever one of the pros and cons you listed. For me, the best side effect, is setting an example to my kids about not using my phone in a socially unexceptable way.

    I had to be honest and tell them I didn’t have the self discipline to have a Facebook account so I had to get rid of it.

    Oh life lessons.

    • samara marie

      exactly. I’m proud of you!! (plus real life relationships are better than Facebook friends!)

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