This Years First Graders

I realize the school year has been going on for sometime and I have yet to introduce you all to my first grade class.

So here you are, your first look, at the kids that steal my thoughts and energy on a daily basis.


Geshem is a first grader at the School of Promise this year, but he is (sadly) not a part of my English class.


This is Pakboong (Morning Glory) and just like last year, though I try not to have ‘favorites’ this one has a special place.


There’s a lot of them this year–twice as many as I had last year… and therefore things are just much different.  I’ve had to rethink and restructure my classroom and the way I do things for this group of kiddos, but it’s amazing to me how far they’ve come.

Hilarious stories from this class will hopefully be coming soon.

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  1. love seeing your class!
    i feel like it’s inevitable not to have favorite kids…there are some who just worm (warm? – either one works, right?!) their way into our hearts.

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