Sometimes, as a teacher, I just fail.


Well, the reality is that sometimes I just fail period… but it’s amplified while I’m teaching because I have a constant crowd of witnesses.


Introducing, **BRAIN SPRAY**

(imagine a bunch of tingling chimes playing as you say **BRAIN SPRAY**)


**BRAIN SPRAY** is a magical concoction made of coconut oil, water and sprinkles.  **BRAIN SPRAY** has been specially formulated to help decrease student stress while taking tests and thus helping them to preform better.  Results are guaranteed.

I have been using this **BRAIN SPRAY** on my students whenever we have a big test, which, unfortunately, is much more frequent than it should be for first graders.



Well, the last week of school should be a time of fun and games, but at the School of Promise we have to take finals.

In e v e r y  s i n g l e subject.  Finals.

So, out comes the **BRAIN SPRAY**.

The kids know the drill and actually quite like getting sprayed by the magical concoction.  So, they line up, cover their eyes and let me spray their faces.

However, this particular day–my last teaching day of the year–things didn’t quite go as planned.  This time, instead of growing in confidence and wisdom, my students started falling on the floor, gagging.

I watched as the first couple students react like this, but thought they were being weird and dramatic so I just ignored them and proceeded to spray the entire.rest.of.the.class.

Soon I noticed all of my students on the floor, not just the dramatic ones and decide that something must be askew.

So, not thinking, I took a big whiff of the once aromatic **BRAIN SPRAY** and preceded to pass out myself.  {{Not really…but, if I had less body mass that probably would have been the effect.}}


Turns out that after about a year in the classroom, my bottle of **BRAIN SPRAY** turned rank.

I mean rank.  pungent.  fetid.  reeking.  noxious.

My **BRAIN SPRAY** was stankin’!

And I sprayed that rank, pungent, fetid, reeking, noxious, stankin’ **BRAIN SPRAY** on each of my students faces.


Once they arose from their odor induced coma, these were the kinds of faces I was greeted with:




Goodbye sweet, sweet students.

Miss Samara loves you!



10/04/2014 · 23:15

6 responses to “#teacherfail

  1. Anne

    That’s hilarious!!!!!

  2. gramma Sharon

    could u get the icky smell off? Those faces tell it all… lol :’>

  3. i’m sorry this happened to you and your students,
    but i did think your story was hilarious
    and actually shared it with somebody this morning:)

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