I write this post with a sad heart.

One of my best friends in Thailand has moved on… BMX.


Yes, BMX is a cow.  But he was so much more…

He was the friendliest cow that I have ever been aquatinted with.  He would greet me daily as I walked past his field–he would come right up to me to say hello.  He enjoyed licking my arm as I would try to pet his head and taught me which trees have the most delicious leaves.

BMX would brighten up the most dreary day.


I haven’t seen him for three weeks now.

My suspicions of his death got the best of me and today I took Iris in her stroller and stalked his owner to see if perhaps BMX has been too cold to go out to pasture.

Alas, he could not be found.


BMX, I truly miss you and I hope you made a delicious hamburger or two.  😦

Your Friend,



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3 responses to “RIP BMX

  1. gramma Sharon

    Missing the always friendly cow already … um um good for someone???? @:-(.

  2. Amy omaha

    :((((((((((((( you brightened up his day (& life) too, I’m sure! xoxxoxoxo

  3. oh samara, you’re great!
    was BMX on the way to the main road?
    love you

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