The Heartache of Technology

There are some things in life that I’m good at.  I mean, not to toot my own horn or anything, but in these subject areas I would even venture to call myself an expert.

Subject areas like:

  • Imagination (The Art of Never Growing Up)
  • Coloring (Learning How Not to Stay in the Lines)
  • Relationship Building with Children, Animals and other Inanimate Objects (The Art of Making Friends With Anything, Breathing or Not)
  • Sleeping (Rest, the Forgotten Well Spring of Life)
  • Fiction and Drama (When ‘Fact’ Does Not Exist)

and the like…

If you are looking for advice in any of the above areas–I’m your gal.

There are, on the other hand, some subject matters that I inevitably fail at.

These subjects are:

  • Maps (The Art of Not Getting Lost)
  • General Social Cues (How Not to Be Awkward)


  • Technology (Surviving the 21st Century)

It’s in one of these areas that I need your help.

Read on…


Since the end of September my Computer (a sweet little MacBook Air) and I have been having relational issues.  I cannot be entirely sure as to what caused these ‘issues’ to arise, but for the month of October we participated in a trial separation.

By the end of the month the ‘main problem’ was resolved and we both decided that we valued our relationship and that a long term separation was not an option for either of us.  We are a team–for better or for worse; through thick and thin.

Together we reconnected and tried to reform the bond that a girl and her computer should share.

Unfortunately, about two weeks into our journey, new problems started to arise.  Serious problems.  My computer was no longer allowing me to use her trackpad as I once was so free to do.  But, she hid her distrust in a very passive aggressive way.  She would allow me to move the ‘mouse’ as normal, but would not respond to any of my ‘clicks’.

I did not understand.  How could this happen.  We were getting along so swimmingly and then she just stops responding to my ‘clicks’.

While these interpersonal issues were starting to show their face, this gentleman happened to be staying at our house.  He prayed over our relationship and with faith believed that things would get better–that the situation would change.

For two days these problems persisted.  I did’t know what to do, I figured our relationship had reached its end.  Until, on Monday morning, things were miraculously resolved.  My computer was trusting me in ways that she had before!

I rejoiced in this and gave full credit to the man who prayed over our relationship and for one week, my computer and I got along blissfully.

That is until Saturday.

For reasons unbeknownst to myself, she once again stopped responding to my clicks. By this time, one may say, I was a bit annoyed.  This flip flopping of devotion is not something I can live with any longer.  I turned my computer off and decided we would get professional help come Monday.

Monday morning I packed my sweet little computer up and we made the long commute into the city to visit the professionals at MacCare.  I arrived about an hour early, so we just start together waiting…hoping…longing for these issues to be resolved.

When the time came I explained our issues to the best of my ability and then opened my sweet computer up and turned her own.  To my astonishment, she worked just fine.


I don’t understand.

Neither did the professional.  He ran a few tests and told me there was nothing wrong with my computer.   (Insinuating, of course, if anyone has a problem… it is me.)

With nothing left to do, I packed her back up and headed home.

I turned her on and started writing out our story.  For the first ten minutes of writing, she allowed me to work with the usual ease of a woman and her computer; however, that ease has ended and she, once again is not responding to my clicks.

This, my dear friends and readers–is where you come in.  I am at a loss as to what to do and as I know that many of you are Masters in the World of Technology, please come to my aid!

What in the world is going on?

Am I losing my mind?



I ended up taking her back to MacCare after writing this post and they will have her for at least the next week or so.  I’m not pleased about that outcome. If you have any wisdoms to bestow, please… Bestow it.



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4 responses to “The Heartache of Technology

  1. Do you have “Tap to click” enabled? It won’t necessarily “fix” the issue but could be a workaround. Go to the apple icon > system preferences > Trackpad, then select “Tap To Click”. Also, you could get an external wireless mouse and try that. Again, these aren’t really fixes, more workarounds. Miss you!

    • samara marie

      Jeremy! Yes, I have tap and click enabled annnd have the mac Magic Mouse. The mouse is the weirdest of them all because it responds just like my trackpad. I can move the mouse but it won’t let me click anything. Very frustrating. I think I’m going to throw it in the canal.

  2. Paul

    I found this discussion on the Apple website:

    There are a number of causes/solutions discussed. If it was me, I’d start with the solution involving deleting Preferences files, unless you’ve specifically been having battery problems (which was noted in some of the posts, but your blog didn’t mention battery issues). I’ve used Macs for some time but prefer desktop models so I haven’t had much trackpad experience. Hope this helps.

  3. love the way you wrote your story, not so much the issues and the outcome, but you’re a great writer:)
    love you!

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