Woah! I just got hit by a car!

you: “What?”

me: “Yep.”

you: “Really?”

me: “Yes.”

I got hit by a car while driving [with a passenger] on my motorbike…in the rain.


My friend Amy Learn came to visit for a week.  She travelled around the world with me on the World Race and now is part of Iris Cambodia.  She took this week to come, catch up, and relax.

And relax we did.

Aside from the necessary elephant riding, we have kept her time here pretty low.

But, Friday–we were going to live large.  See the city, experience Chiang Mai.  And I was going to get a haircut!  Living large!

Haircuts, Thailand and Samara aren’t always the best of friends and so it has been since March that I have put my curly locks into the trust and care of another; but I was reasonably calm about the whole affair and even asked the stylist to blow dry my hair straight.


After the salon experience was done we walked the streets of the city and thought it only fitting to get a massage.  This was our day.  🙂

A couple hours later we start the decent home in the rain.  No big deal…I drive in the rain regularly.

But that’s when it all happened.  I saw it coming.  I was driving in the ‘motorbike lane’ as a black hatchback starts coming into my lane at a pretty good speed.

My first instinct was to just get to the left, but there was no more space between the curb and I.

Second thought was slam on those brakes…but, there wouldn’t have been enough time, we weren’t going at a reduced speed.  If I slammed the brakes, Amy would fly.

Next and final thought, just try to speed up and get in front of her.

I didn’t know what else to do.  So I went for it.  Unfortunately, she was faster than me and very determined to be in my lane.  Collision.


This is where it gets confusing.

Her car took a beating.  My bike is just fine.

The angle at which we were hit—should have cause my bike to fall to the left and hit the curb (potentially trapping our legs between the curb and bike, and causing more injury,) somehow…my bike fell to the right and just tipped over.

The speed at which she hit us, should have caused one (if not both) of us to fly.  There was no flying.

My bike really just tipped over to the right.

Of course, we were on the bike, so having it tip over is no fun and slightly terrifying as you’re laying on the wet pavement watching all the cars zoom by…but I knew at that moment, it could have been so much worse.

I was not strong enough to lift the bike off of us and the lady just sat in her car.

That’s when weird thing number two happened.

This Thai man comes and squats down next to me, asking if I’m ok.

“I’m fine.  I just can’t lift my bike,” I say…in English.  Then he lifts the bike off of me.  At this point my arm is really weak for taking the weight of the fall, and so I couldn’t prop myself up, he lifts me up.

The lady was still in her car…so he goes to talk to her and then moves my motorbike into the parking lot of the gas station and leaves.

Good Samaritan?  perhaps.

Angelic Visitor? perhaps.

I don’t know.  But, I do know that I haven’t been able to stop thinking of him and am very grateful to him.


It turned out that, though I was completely mortified by the events and in some decent pain due to the lack of skin on my right leg, that I was in a much calmer state of mind than the lady that hit us.

She was freaked out.

She had admittidly just recieved a phone call and was getting her phone out of her purse when she hit us, she knew she was at fault, apologized and didn’t try to play any games about it.

She went into the gas station purchased all sorts of first aid supplies and cleaned up our wounds and took us home as I was in no shape to drive the bike back, she also gave me her phone number in case I decide that I need to go to the hospital or have any problems.


So much for my awesome [straight] hair day.

This wasn’t a fun experience.

Nor something that I want to experience again.

But, despite the fear and feelings of shame (I was driving my friend and we got hit by a car….) this experience has left me with feelings of complete gratitude and awareness of the Lord’s protection.

He was there.  Someone stopped my bike from falling to the left even though she hit us on the right.  Someone kept us on our seats.  And Someone lifted that bike off of our bodies.

Thank you God.  Thank you for taking care of us.  Thank you for your protection.  Thank you for your goodness.


here are some awesome pictures:


I really like these two pictures because they really don’t capture any of the reality of what my leg and arm look like.  Instead it just looks like I’m whining about a scarped knee.



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7 responses to “Woah! I just got hit by a car!

  1. Thank you Jesus! Wow, blown away how Jesus was all over you guys and that woman! I can only imagine the wound pain…eek

  2. Glad you are alright!

  3. gramma Sharon

    God surrounds you with favor like a shield.
    ooo my baby…. hugs from Gramma

  4. i was thinking the same thing about your pictures before you even said that (but plus i was thinking how much i love your hair:)
    so thankful you guys are doing ok and we could talk yesterday.
    i really enjoyed that.
    thank you for making me feel loved and heard from so far away.
    love you guys!

  5. angel

    Your heavenly father loves you. I totally see his Hands at work. Praise God! God is good at moving things. I will see your injury in person. I can’t wait to see you!

  6. Paul

    Good pictures.

  7. Wow. Praise The Lord for his protection! And your hair! It’s so long!! Love you Samara!

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