The toes. Week 3 Update.

Well–three weeks after breaking two of my little toes, I can happily say I’m 90% better.  

School started Tuesday.  My prayers (since the second x-ray) have been to be able to walk and stand while I’m teaching. 

God is hilarious. 

I kid you not readers, while I’m at the School of Promise, I walk all day without a limp.  I stand, I dance, I teach PE–all as if I never feel off that rock. 

However, when I go home the limp returns and my foot swells and there is some decent amount of pain.  [Though, a different type of pain than I was initially experiencing.]

So, with that–I’m claiming a miracle.  

I’ve done a lot of reading up on the healing process of toes, things to do and things not to do, etc. etc.  Aaaaannnnnnd almost every source of information says I shouldn’t be able to do what I’ve been doing for 4-6 weeks.  

So thank you.  Thank you God for your miracle working self.  Thank you for healing.  Thank you that you are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and are a God that wants His children whole!! Whoop whoop!  Thank you for loving me through my pity parties 🙂 AND my friends, thank you for your prayers, because I know you’ve been praying.  

God Heals.  


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2 responses to “The toes. Week 3 Update.

  1. Love this and love that He is a healer. I will continue to keep you and your little toes in prayer. I get a smile on my face every time I picture you teaching. Would love to see you in action! Much love, Sarah

  2. God is who He says He is… He really, really is a Healer and I believe that 😉 so excited about this, so excited that you are in my life!

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