Story Time with Geshem.

Geshem’s List of Things We Should Do 

(Instead of Samara continuing her nap.)

  • Make Play Doh
  • Do Some Exercises Outside
  • Paint
  • Color
  • Play Legos
  • Make the Stuff that we Made Yesterday
  • Make a Song
  • Take Turns Playing the Dot Game on Samara’s iPod
  • Play with Daddy’s iPad
  • Jump on my (Geshem’s) Bed, (but Samara doesn’t have to jump because she’s broke, so she can paint her nails or something.)
  • Make a Snowman
  • Read a Book
  • Write a Book
  • Make a Book
  • Draw Pictures
  • Go Outside and Get Wood and Paint Pictures
  • Try to Find a Nest with Baby Birds In It
  • Walk with Samara’s Crutches and Look for the Things that Mark Likes
  • Experiments


This is what was accomplished:











worth it.


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4 responses to “Story Time with Geshem.

  1. gramma Sharon

    love the monster with the big round eyes

  2. Yesss! This is great. 🙂

  3. He is so cute. I want to make a snowman too 🙂

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