adventures in living.

Today begins my life as a blogger.

The last blog was just a prologue.

A lot has happened in my life over the past couple of days.

-I stayed the night in some of the most beautiful tree houses I’ve ever seen

-I’ve finally faced my fear of the motorbike and have started driving it!  On the big streets and everything!

-I made some new friends while I was stranded (or abandoned…) on the side of a mountain because my friend’s motorbike got a flat tire and she didn’t want me on it any longer.  [I just kind of sat there on the side of the road until I saw the kiddos.]

-My bedroom fan went berserk while I was sleeping and shot all of it’s blades off.  [I’m serious.]

-The shower head in my bathroom was taking notes from my fan and also exploded while I was showering.

-And I fell of a rock and broke two of my toes.


It’s been an eventful couple of days to say the least.

I’ve never broken anything before.  And I definitely didn’t want to believe that I actually broke my toes, but after trying to ‘walk’ and ‘sleep it off’ to no avail, I decided I needed to go to the hospital.

Three x-rays later it was confirmed.  I have my first broken bones.  Ouch.

They put me through a little physical therapy session and taught me how to use my new crutches, gave me a bunch of medicine and sent me on my way.

I’m doing ok.  I really hate using the crutches and never realized how much I take my mobility for granted, so I find myself trying to walk way more often than I probably should be.  But, when I actually take things easy the pain is pretty minimal.


hello there swollen little foot. oh, why yes, I did leave my crutches very far away. we’ll deal with that when the time comes.

I have found that there are two options for me in this time.

option a: mope, be depressed, feel sorry for myself, etc. etc. etc. assuming that my misery will soon bring relief.


option b: enjoy this mandatory rest, be full of thankfulness, have faith for a miracle each day, and look for Jesus in this situation.

Now is a point where I could write a mini sermon about why option b is the option for me, buuuut that would be kind of deceptive as I’ve found myself sulking in option a more often than not.

I have caught my thought patterns going down dark, scary paths full of pity parties and depression and have had to force myself to combat them.

But, I can tell you, with complete honesty, when I choose option b, when I choose to worship and be thankful–joy soon follows.

This situation could be so much worse.  I mean, what if I would have fallen out of the tree house instead of just off a rock!  I could have broken my whole body.

So thank you Jesus!  Thank you for the care that has been given me, thank you that toe bones heal easily,  Thank you for protecting me from a more serious injury.  Thank you for the people you’ve surrounded me with, who love and pray for me.  Thank you for helping me face my fears of the motorbike so that I can still get to school!  Thank you for great hospitals in Thailand!  Thank you for working a miracle in my foot.

I haven’t experienced the miracle yet, but it’s coming.

I can feel it!


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11 responses to “adventures in living.

  1. It HAS been a full few days. Wow. Praying for your toes and want to hear more about your tree house adventures. It seems like a cool place to visit! Oh! and I’m so proud of your for driving your motorbike on the big road. Way to go!

  2. Kelsie

    Haha ok I know it is prob not the best time to laugh, but it amazes me that all of those things can happen to one person in such a short span of time. Also, the image of the fan blades shooting off keeps getting me. I am impressed at the motorbike skills and i think you should just enjoy that…i am sure it could be very freeing. Despite all of the craziness you still make thailand sound like a sweet life and believe me you aren’t missing out on much back in the states so don’t worry about that. Proud of you for quitting Facebook, here’s to the bloglyfe…what what.

    Also, these updates provide a much needed break/happy time for me at work in the mornings so thanks for that 🙂

  3. mom

    I want to say I had the Best day yesterday….. I want to account it to my time with you. It was wonderful spending time with you. And THANK YOU Jesus that we live in the time of SKYPE because it would be so much harder. It was so fun to see you and hear the sloshing of melted ice. I wish i was there to help you. i didnt get to hear about the tree house…. would like to hear more. I love you sweet girl. I look forward to hugging you again. My prayers are with you daily. I know you know this But Remember you are a Child of the Most High God You have the same Holy Spirit in you that rose Jesus from the dead, Most importantly you have the power of the Blood of Jesus at your command. PRAISE GOD! How amazing is that!
    Be Blessed my sweat heart. I love you so much! Mom

  4. Julie Grotelueschen

    Just saying. You have cute toes. 🙂

    LOVE YOU!!

  5. B.

    pretty sure I agree with everything Kelsie commented. Love you!!

  6. Oh Samara. I just love you & your broken little toes.

    I’m believing for a miracle, too!

  7. Paul

    That was a hilarious story about your fan. I recommend investing in a higher quality fan. Hope your toes get better soon. Is it true that Thailand has universal healthcare?

    • sunshinesamara

      The fan… Soooo scary, but, I survived. Thailand has subsadized health care for their citizens, but not for me. However, they also have good health care for substantially less than we would pay in the states. So far with two hospital visits, six X-rays, the meds, and crutches, I have paid less than $200.

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