undeniably, sunshine

I have been tossing around the idea of getting rid of my Facebook page for a couple weeks now.  Those of you who have known me for any extended period of time, know that Facebook and I haven’t had the most consistent relationship over the years and I never seem satisfied keeping a page for very long.

Since moving to Thailand I’ve felt a weird ‘guilt’ or ‘obligation’ to stay on Facebook in order to keep everyone up to date with my life here, however, I think the reality of my desire to stay on Facebook is more rooted in my desire to stay connected with everyone there (and enjoy the occasional, potentially un-healthy, stalking session.)

The longer I’ve been away and the more that I’ve gotten settled in my life here, the more that I feel it’s important for me to give up trying to have a life both in Omaha, NE and in Hang Dong, Thailand.  I cannot enjoy the life I’m living here, if I’m constantly thinking about the life I left there.  I cannot fully give myself to the people here, if I’m saving bits of my heart for the people I love there.

All that said, from a person who admittedly hates commitments, I’ve decided (it’s about time) to 100% commit to my life here in Thailand.  And with this commitment comes a farewell to my life on Facebook.


as I am an uber-communicator and apparently and avid instagram taker (I refuse to be called and iger…), I have decided to start up this blog.

[shout out to my Crane Coffee ladies for the title!!]

I will do my best to post pictures and tell you all stories.

I also love emails.  They bring me so much more joy than a ‘like’ on a photo.  So, please, please email me.

We’ll finish this first blog post with this lovely picture of my current condition:

(please note the neck wrinkle tan lines and the wonderful blue hat that is hanging on my wall, which was obviously not working to protect me from the rays...at all.)

(please note the neck wrinkle tan lines and the wonderful blue hat that is hanging on my wall, which was obviously not working to protect me from the rays…at all.)

Sunshine got her some sunshine.  ha.

I’ve always bragged about my non-sunburning, olive colored skin.  Having  lived in Thailand for 6 months now and I have been sunburnt 3 times.  This one is certainly the worst and has left me looking like a raccoon or as Geshem so tenderly called me, ‘a monster.’  I humbly cry out ‘uncle’ to the Thailand sunshine and will learn how to wear sunscreen.



goodbye facebook.

hello blogs.

(i’m pretty sure you can subscribe if you want to, or i will send out emails when I write a new post.  I also think my wonderful bestie in the midwestie is going to post on Facebook when i write, soooooo…..it’ll be hard to miss me!  you’ll hardly know i’m gone!)


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6 responses to “undeniably, sunshine

  1. Kylie Bollwitt

    haha! I love you! I think this decision will only bring you joy! Congrats! I look forward to following your bloggy, blog, blog! You are always so entertaining. Miss you, hope all is well! 🙂

  2. Great title 🙂 Looking forward to stories from the land of smiles!

  3. Yay! Glad you are starting a blog. I just got your latest update in the mail. Samara I must say you are on top of your game with keeping us all in the loop. Blogs, emails, newsletters and I’m really impressed. Now miss sunshine, sunscreen may have to be a priority for you…I think you look more like you are putting on clown make-up–if you found a way to get a funny ) shaped tan line around your lips that would really make it work:) You make me laugh and I’m looking forward to your stories!

  4. Yay! I love reading blogs. 🙂
    & I love you.
    So this just works.

  5. Donna King

    Samara, I loved reading your stories. I am praying that I learn to bark better. My dog has to be bilingual to understand me.:) I am proud of your mother that she would try eating a bug. Though there are those around me who will eat bugs, Guiney pigs and opossums, I have only tried one of them. I will let you guess. I am not 100% missionary yet. ❤

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